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What if I have to cancel my registration?

Convey Point’s Cancellation Policy is as follows.


15 or More Calendar Days before the Class  Student cancellation or reschedule requests received 15 calendar days or more before the class starts will be processed promptly.

Cancellation requests made in this timeframe are eligible for refund of any money on account for this specific registration.
Reschedule requests made in this timeframe will be accommodated if availability exists and will be processed at no additional charge.

14 or Less Calendar Days before the Class Student cancellation or reschedule requests made 14 calendar days or less before the class starts will be charged 100% the course fee. Additionally…

If a student wishes to change only his/her class location—maintaining original class date and course title/version—we may be able to accommodate if requested MORE THAN 5 BUSINESS DAYS before the start of the class. The student must Contact us(Monday-Friday) for a determination.  NOTE: These requests may be subject to an additional charge for provisions re-routing.

Students rescheduling or canceling within 14 days of the class may use our makeup policy to have the money on account applied to a later class date if available, but is not entitled to a refund on the original or subsequent class.

The student has one (1) opportunity to use our Make-Up policy to have those funds applied to a later class date.


Convey Point’s MAKE-UP POLICY
Students are permitted one (1) Make-Up opportunity to attend a class that was paid for, but not previously attended at no additional charge.

  • Make-Up class registrations are subject to availability, and are not entitled to refund.
  • You must contact us by email (Monday-Friday, 4:00pm EST) to schedule your Make-up class.
  • Students may not reschedule a Make-up class registration. Any no shows or cancellations forfeit their one Make-up opportunity. Additionally, Convey Point reserves the right to retire courses due to lack of demand. Retired classes are not available for Make-Up.