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Excel 2013-2016 Functions & Formulas – 1 Day – $275

  • September 7, 2017
    10:00 am - 4:30 pm
  • September 25, 2017
    10:00 am - 4:30 pm

In this class, you will learn advanced excel formulas and functions to bring your spreadsheets to the next level. Learn how to develop more complex formulas and learn the power of arrays. Learn formulas to help you automate your spreadsheets to simplify them for others to use, as well as yourself.

Audience: Individuals interested in gaining solid understanding of advanced excel formulas and functions that can help their more advanced projects.

Prerequisites: An understanding of Excel Intermediate and Advanced topics including basic formulas, IF Statements and basic Lookup formulas. This is an intense 1 day course just learning about functions and formulas.

Course Length 1 Day

Logical & Information Functions

Ensuring Dates Don’t Fall on Weekends By Nesting IF Statements Subtracting Dates

Complex If Functions

Nested IF Function

Text Functions

Find Function

Length Function


Search, Length and Hyperlinks

Search Function

Combining Search and Left Functions

Combining Length, Search and Right Functions

Concatenate Function

Hyperlink Function

Additional Functions

Is and Blank Functions


ISTEXT Functions

ISODD Functions

ISBLANK Functions

Combining ISBLANK and IF Functions

Testing the Formula

Array Functions


SUM and IF Combined Functions

Formatting Functions

Conditional Formatting Formulas


Lookup Functions



Dynamic Drop-Down Lists

When To Use

Vlookup Drop-Down Lists

Viewing Dynamic Drop-Down Functionality

Initial List Setup/Special Characters

IF and VLOOKUP Combination Functions

Using IF and Concatenate to Build List Options

Creating List Options

INDIRECT/VLOOKUP Combination Function

Adding New Data to a Named Group

Offset Drop-Down Lists

Initial List Setup – Naming Groups

Initial List Setup – Adding Data Validation

Offset, Indirect and CountA Functions

Filtered Columns

Creating Filtered Columns

Filtered Column Buildup

ISTEXT Function

ROW Function

Combining the Different Functions

ISTEXT and ROW Nested with an IF Function

SMALL Function

Adding the Index and Iferror Functions

INDEX Function

IFERROR Function

Incorporating the Array

ARRAY Formula

Important Factors

Using Results In Validation Lists

Normal Validation List

Removing Blanks in the Dropdown List

Removing Blanks from the End Of A Drop-Down List